"Change" has become a key word in the public sector, as the need for modernising and improving public services for citizens and enterprises is as great as ever. Forces and trends in society put pressure on the public sector to adapt quickly and develop new approaches, paradigms and methods. These forces include the growing costs of social welfare services; demands for transparency and value for money; increasing focus on professional and managerial competence; growing insistence on service and quality from public service users; and internal demands for more attractive workplaces combined with increasing difficulties in recruiting qualified labour.


Public administration is hard at work tackling these challenges – new organisation forms and management tools are tested and implemented in almost all public sectors. These tools and initiatives include:

  • Goal and performance-oriented management
  • Outsourcing, internal contract management and public-private partnerships
  • Competence development, both at employee and management level
  • New forms of inter-municipal cooperation and operating alliances
  • Program/budget performance audits
  • New types of management information systems and performance-related control
  • Quality assessments
  • Project and team-based organization forms
  • Benchmarking of quality, costs and methods

The public sector will change drastically in the coming years due to requirements and efficiencies and better services. Within a foreseeable number of years, a great part of the way we think and develop the public sector and its services will change.


Efficiencies and better services in the public sector require new way of thinking and development of great parts of the public administration.


Already today, new alternative administration and organizational forms are being experimented. Concepts such as privatization, outsourcing, public/private cooperation and contract administration are becoming ordinary in the public administration. Many places are experiencing that the borders between public and private sectors are becoming blurred.


Moreover, the public administration is increasingly going to be global- oriented and focusing on international standardization. The administration is to obtain knowledge and experiences in other countries in order to maintain a competitive level as well as to be able to service increasingly more international-oriented citizens.

HVH Consulting consults the public administration in relations to new thinking and re-organization of the public administration. We are some of the leading consultants in Bulgaria with regards to developing the public and civil sectors and their services. A number of our services are presented on the following pages.