Project Management. Strategy definition, project design, management, monitoring and evaluation for civil and public sector organizations;

Capacity Assessment&Development. Capacity assessment provides information about an organization's ability to carry out common implementation activities such as:

  • Project Management (establishing and reviewing work plans, project start-up and monitoring missions, on-site project supervision, project trouble-shooting and redesign, etc.);
  • Personnel (i.e. preparing reviewing and/or revising terms of reference, identifying and/or short listing consultants and experts, negotiating and administering contracts, reviewing progress reports);
  • Contracts for Services and Works (i.e. preparing, reviewing and revising terms of reference, processing contracts, services offered include: pre-qualification and short listing; calling for tenders and evaluating bids; contract preparation and monitoring);
  • Procurement of Equipment and Materials (i.e. preparing equipment specifications, processing contracts, identifying potential suppliers, calling for tenders and evaluating bids, purchasing inspection, shipment, custom clearance & delivery, etc.)
  • Training (i.e. identifying appropriate programmers and institutions, placing and paying stipends to trainees, paying institutions, monitoring academic performance, etc.)
  • Financial Administration (i.e. accounting services, converting financial statements into different required format, preparing quarterly disbursement requests, audited statements and account closure information for a donor).

Social Assessment. The last few years have witnessed the making of large investments in the social sphere by non-governmental organizations. We offer a means for the donor to gain access to systematized information about the effect of their investments. The process of evaluation always includes participation of the evaluated group or organization, and the observation of certain ethical standards. The criteria used in the process of evaluation are drawn up and employed with the consent of all participants. The process of evaluation provides the organization with feedback information concerning the effectiveness of its actions. The organization may use this information in the process of its development.

Procurement management: design, analysis and drafting of procurement documentation; administration of all stages of the procurement procedures, experienced in procurements under Bulgarian, EU, UNDP and World Bank regulations;