The HVH Consulting is operated according to the holistic management principle. The HVH Consulting’s philosophy, value-based management and personal enterprise, efficiency, decisiveness and responsibility of the individual employees, are at the heart of this principle, generating the following three sets of values:

  • Satisfied employees. Personal development and independence, commitment, security, openness and trust.
  • Satisfied clients and a positive impact on society. The task of providing consulting services must be at the centre of all decisions, and all employees must be committed to fulfilling the customers' needs and to achieving the project goals in terms of quality, openness, trust and corporate ethics.
  • Financial independence and freedom: Financial stability through good operating results, independent decision-making and the possibility of development-oriented risk-taking through autonomous financing.

Summarized in brief statements, holistic management is therefore characterized by the following:

  • A holistic and value-based management principle, focusing on all the HVH Consultings' values.
  • A management principle placing people at the centre of all its decisions through cooperation based on mutual and personal responsibility and authority -"partnership".
  • A management principle based on motivation through clearly defined goals and frameworks for all employees instead of control and satisfactions.
  • A management principle supporting the individual's personal independence and freedom to carry out his/her daily duties.

A management principle that is aimed at continuous improvements through a cyclic run-through of the phases planning, implementation and evaluation of all the HVH Consulting’s resources and values.