Our organization culture and values are based on the common philosophy of the HVH Consulting. In addition we have developed the following elements to supplement the description of our organization culture:

  • Challenging culture. We want to create and maintain a challenging culture in our organization. At HVH Consulting, it will always be a legitimate approach – assuming the appropriate professional background and goals – to take the lead without restrictions and to test one's capabilities without limitations.


  • The strength of cooperation. We believe in the strength of cooperation. We are convinced that consulting teams provide the best results and that business development is created in fellowship.


  • Individual performance. We need individual performance and personal ambition, as these are the key elements necessary for change and development, and the key facilitators of self-confidence and personal effectiveness that are so essential in consultancy situations. The strength of the HVH Consulting culture also depends on cooperation. An individual's performance is evaluated and rewarded based on its effect on the consolidated knowledge and skills of the organization.


  • Freedom as a motivating factor. We believe that the employees of the HVH Consulting are fundamentally committed and responsible people who thrive on freedom and are motivated by an open framework.


  • Dialogue as management instrument. We do not believe in strict rules as the primary management instrument. Based on an efficient technological and administrative infrastructure, leadership of the HVH Consulting is primarily implemented through communication of attitudes and expectations. For the same reason, management in our organization is principally concerned with strategic focus and the creation of the best possible framework for the completion of projects and for the well-being of our employees.

Informal environment. We believe that knowledge and competence grow best in an informal environment, where a professional attitude and well-balanced argumentation carry the most weight. As a consultancy, research, and training organization, we depend on the dynamism created from interaction among employees. Therefore, there must be plenty of room for initiative and new ideas.