We strive through our consulting services to make a constructive contribution to the development of societal infrastructure, civil sector and business.

We want to be known for our:

  • Close relationship to our clients. We seek to maintain a close interaction with our clients. To us, each assignment is unique, and we tailor our services to the situation and the circumstances of our clients.


  • Combination of theory and practical experience. With a holistic view of our clients' businesses, our consultants combine relevant theory with practical experience. Almost all of our consultants are university graduates, and many of them are recognized as leaders within their specialist fields.


  • Commitment and interaction. Collaboration with HVH Consulting is characterized by loyalty and commitment. We assume the role of an active sparring partner in company development processes and are committed to the success of our client. We believe that our clients deserve constructive and honest commitment and interaction.


  • Ethical awareness. We only undertake assignments, which we are professionally capable of solving. Openness and honesty in the project description is a precondition for our involvement. All our consultants work on the basis of a highly professional and personal integrity.


  • An international perspective. We apply an international perspective to our assignments, and we share with our clients the knowledge we have gained through our assignments.


  • Independence. We never enter into exclusivity agreements with sub-suppliers or manufacturers. We are always prepared to inform about any cooperation we might have established with other companies and organizations.


Social responsibility. We are highly professional and committed in our work, but we also acknowledge our social and societal responsibility.