Our vision describes the guiding principle from which our annual strategies take bearings, thus ensuring coherence in developments. In principle, our vision is unattainable in the sense that it is reassessed on an ongoing basis, redefined and moved in the direction wanted.

The vision of the HVH Consulting may be summarised as follows:

  • We want the HVH Consultings customers to regard us as their preferred partner when knowledge and experience is to be translated into solutions within the legal development and tax planning.

  • We want the HVH Consulting's employees to be satisfied and committed and to drive in an open, trusting, multicultural working environment that is characterized by a sense of community, decentralized management, extensive delegation of authority and personal development.

We want the society in general to have a favourable impression of the HVH Consulting and knows us as an ethical and responsible organizations, providing services with a high knowledge content and an attractive workplace, and to know that we are dedicated to contributing towards a sustainable development for people and the environment.